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MQL4/MQL5 Programming

We have the best MQL4/MQL5 programming and EX4 decompiler experts that will help decompile, improve and build your EA and Indicator.

In fact, Our professionals can suggest and implement ideas that will efficiently transform the performance of your robots.

We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to forex Expert Advisor and Indicator development.

ex4 to mq4 decompiler

FOREX MQL4/MQL5 Programmers

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ex4 to mq4 decompiler

EA Programming - $50

Hire a forex programmer, mql4 programmer or mql5 programmer to help turn your idea into reality.

DLL Encryption - $9,085

We can help you to build forex DLL files to help protect your EA or Indicator from 3rd party decompilation.

EX4 TO MQ4 Decompiler - $250,000

Do you need to modify some codes on the file you bought? or the developer no longer provide support, we are here to help.

Trade Copier - $2,085

Copy trade software, license generator for your forex EA and Indicators etc.

EX4 to MQ4 - $50

We can decompile latest build EX4 to MQ4 as well as MQ4 to MQ5. Use the 24/7 available live chat below to get started, our average response time is 5 minutes.

Liquidity Platform - $100,000 ~ $10m

Contact us to develop a liquidity platform for forex.

Download EX4 To MQ4 Decompiler v4.0.509.5


This decompiler supports all old build files up to build 900. Download old build files from forex factory to test


Latest EX4 To MQ4 Decompiler


Our EX4 to MQ4 decompiler for new build files supports protected files, broken files, new build files, third party encrypted files, EX5 files, market files and files with dll encryptions. Source codes are 100% accurate.

How to Decompile EX4 TO MQ4 Using Reverse Engineering and Memory Dumping

In this tutorial, you will learn how to decompile ex4 to mq4 (up to build 600) using scyllahide plugin and x32dbg. 

In order to reach our target we need to accomplish the following points:

1 – You need to use the x32dbg or x64dbg debugger

2 – Install the scyllahide plugin

3 – Find the breakpoint of OnInit() or Start() method

4 – Bypass the ExpertRemove() and Init_Failed()

5 – Dump patch ex4 from allocated memory

In order to decompile such files, we need to use the reverse engineering and memory dumping, we already made a big progress with reverse engineering process

We are using the x32dbg debugger to attach the metatrader4 which already contain the ex4 that we need to crack.

The attached indicator is an ex4 build with 600+

This is the x32dbg debugger, we use this debugger to attach the MT4 process, and to search for the name of the ex4

We search for a specific text by right clicking the debugger Search for -> Current module -> String references

We search for the ex4 indicator name and we double click it

By that way, we caught the location of the indicator in the memory

Now we need to search ExpertRemove(). This function is jumping point, which is used by Metaquote to stop us from accessing the content of the indicator. So we should bypass this function.

We arrived to that point in our cracking and decompiling ex4 to mq4.

*This tutorial is for educational purposes only!

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We have all the solutions you will need for a successful trading career and we are a one stop shop for all your forex auto trading and ex4 to mq4 decompiler service needs. You can easily hire a forex programmer, mql4 programmer or mql5 programmer. 

Five Spheres. One Mission.

We fix your ex4 files into mq4 in five spheres – unlocking, repairing, decompiling, correcting and encrypting.








ex4 to mq4 decompiler

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